MSCI has leveraged its global presence, 40+ years of index design experience, and extensive research insight into the investment process to construct indices that aim to serve as tradable proxies for broader MSCI benchmark indices.


The MSCI APEX Indices optimize a selection universe based on constituent securities of the underlying MSCI Indices for tradability (e.g., foreign ownership restrictions, capping methodology, etc.) to limit the number of constituents to the largest and most tradable constituents in the region or country. As such, MSCI APEX Indices are designed to serve as the basis of structured products, exchange traded and OTC derivative contracts and other index-linked investment vehicles such as exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The MSCI Asia APEX Indices are free float-adjusted, market capitalization weighted indices that aim to serve as tradable proxies for the various size segments of the broader MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index, a benchmark widely followed by investors investing in Asia.

The MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets APEX Index is designed to serve as a liquid proxy to the broader MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets Index, and covers all countries from the MSCI Frontier Markets Index and some countries from the lower size spectrum of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, all of which tend to be less correlated with developed markets.

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