With an efficient workflow, new modeling transparency and robust reporting tools, RiskMetrics RiskManager enables clients to manage risk across asset classes, from the holding level up to the enterprise level.

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Portfolios & Positions
Clients can edit and analyze their positions, including an integrated Terms & Conditions database. See demo

Report Building
Clients can create reports in seconds and select from a library of statistics and drilldowns, without setting complex parameters. See demo

Market Data
Clients can view and analyze 10 years of daily historical data for more than 750,000 time series across 85 markets. See demo

What-if Analysis
Clients can add a new trade, overlay a hedge, rebalance and see the impact of portfolio risk in seconds. See demo

Stress Testing
Clients can see their potential losses due to "event risk", probe for portfolio-specific vulnerabilities and identify sensitivities to specific risk factors such as a rise in interest rates or changes in implied volatility. See demo

Viewing Results
Clients can view results in a dynamic interactive data viewer and output to Excel or production quality PDFs. See demo