Logo usage table

  • Correct use of the logo

    Clear space must be kept around the logo to maintain brand integrity.

    The clear space on all sides is the inner square of the mark as seen on the left-hand side.

  • Using the MSCI corporate logo with third-party logos

    In instances where MSCI is a partner, sponsor or collaborator with other organizations, it’s important to ensure all of the logos are of equal size and weighting, with clear exclusion zones between them.

    For advice regarding third-party co-branding, please contact MSCI Marketing for more information.

    All instances of third-party co-branding using the MSCI corporate logo must be approved by MSCI Marketing.

  • The MSCI partner logo

    The MSCI corporate logo may be used in conjunction with the logos of external organizations in co-branded applications.

    Co-branding with a partner organization implies an equal relationship, therefore the logos of MSCI and the partner organization should appear to be equal.

    There is a specific version of the MSCI corporate logo for use in these instances, known as the MSCI partner logo.

    It incorporates a vertical rule to separate the MSCI corporate logo from the logo of the partner organization.

    Exclusion zone

    As with the exclusion zone for the MSCI corporate logo, the height of the MSCI letters in the logo are used to calculate the exclusion zone between the MSCI partner logo and any partner logo it is paired with.

Nested Applications

Logo misuse

Logo misuse

There are examples of IMPROPER use of the MSCI logo.


Nested Applications

Do not add effect


Do not add effects to the logo

Do not scale

Do not scale logo elements

Nested Applications

Do not replace colors


Do not replace colors

Do not distort the logo



Do not distort the logo

Nested Applications

Non-approved colors

Do not use non-approved colors

Do not create versions


Do not create versions of the MSCI logo. Always contact the Brand & Design Team for advice and approval

Nested Applications

Do not change arrangement

Do not change the logo arrangement

Do not use the Nexus on its own

Do not use the Nexus on its own, or as a graphic device in a diagram. The exception to this, are favicons*