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Episode 50 - The ESG Weekly: South Africa's largest utility cannot abide, and a quick update on private prisons for the Week of October 14

Two stories this week with ESG glasses: There are power cuts throughout South Africa after its largest utility Eskom has a number of generating units break down which has threatened the country's economy (0:41), and Andrew Young gives us a quick update on the issue with private prisons as a business model (10:45), all on the record.


Episode 49 - The ESG Weekly: Companies are Hard to Trust When They Lie, And Labor Shortages Cause Concern for the Week of October 7

Episode 48 - The ESG Weekly: The Bosses Are Getting Too Much For Too Little, and Climate Change Is Coming For Your Real Estate for the Week of September 30

Episode 47 - The ESG Weekly: Which shareholder action tool is best? And Thomas Cook collapses into liquidation for the Week of September 23

Episode 46 - The gig economy has split the workforce

Episode 45 - The ESG Weekly: UAW Union Strikes at GM, and Australia Picks Health Over Coal for the Week of September 16

Episode 44 - The ESG Weekly: EDF Finds Faults in its Nuclear Plants, and Contract Workers are Employees for the Week of September 9

Episode 43 - The ESG Weekly: Data privacy and advertising don't mix, and glyphosate is banned again for the Week of August 26

Episode 42 - The ESG Weekly: Johnson & Johnson's Brand and Opioids, and the Fashion Industry Makes Another Coalition for the Week of August 26

Episode 41 - The ESG Weekly: Singapore will track societal health with Fitbit, and shareholders no longer matter for the Week of August 19

Episode 40 - The hidden cost of cement

Episode 39 - The ESG Weekly: Plastics and Fossil Fuel get more cozy, and two rapid fire takes on WeWork and Disclosures for the Week of August 12

Episode 38 - The ESG Weekly: Walmart's CEO gets called out in the gun debate, and L Brands' CMO resigns amid company turmoil on the Week of August 5

Episode 37 - The ESG Weekly: Capital One: Who's in your wallet? And NGOs call Cargill the worst company in the world on the Week of July 22

Episode 36 - The ESG Weekly: Equifax is fined a record USD$800 million after its 2017 data breach, and subprime auto loans area threaten both the auto industry and drivers on the Week of July 22

Episode 35: The ESG Weekly: Water is Bigger in Texas and My Brand, My Ideology on the Week of July 15

Episode 34 - The ESG Weekly: Vedanta is a Mine Short and Direct Listing is the New Black on the Week of July 8

Episode 33: The ESG Weekly: Tesla Delivers Cars and Wayfair's Labor Problem on the Week of July 1

Episode 32 - The ESG Weekly: San Fran's E-Cigarette Ban and Chicken Collusion on the Week of June 25

Episode 31: Tomorrow's Labor Solution Is... Unions?

Episode 30 - The ESG Weekly: Facebook's Libra and the Trans Mountain Pipeline on the Week of June 17

Episode 29 - The ESG Weekly: Raytheon/UTC and Ocado's Vertical Farm Play on the Week of June 10

Episode 28 - The ESG Weekly: Corruption in China and Health Care Equipment on the Week of June 3

Episode 27 - The ESG Weekly: Renault/Fiat and Malaysia Just Says "No" to Your Recycling on the Week of May 27

Episode 26 - The ESG Weekly: McDonald's #MeToo moment and's Bitcoin play on the Week of May 20

Episode 25 - The ESG Weekly: Is There an ESG Angle on Trade Wars, and Amazon's Four-Legged Stool on the Week of May 13

Episode 24 - The ESG Weekly: Is It Disruption Week? Swine Fever and iBuying on the Week of May 6

Episode 23: The ESG Weekly: Is It Disruption Week? Swine Fever and iBuying on the Week of May 6

Episode 22 - the problems with ESG

Episode 21: The ESG Weekly: Umicore and the Cobalt Problem on the Weeky of April 22

Episode 20 - The ESG Weekly: Amazon Employees Form a (Shareholder) Union and Jack Ma's 996 Blessing on the Week of April 15

Episode 19 - The ESG Weekly: Disclosure is the Thing for Saudi Aramco and Social Media Becoming Tobacco on the Week of April 10

Episode 18 - The ESG Weekly: Im(possible?) Burgers and Wells Fargo CEO Search on the Week of April 1

Episode 17 - The ESG Weekly: McDonald's AI play and Purdue settles on the Week of March 25

Episode 16 - The ESG Weekly: Paul Ryan and Robots on the Week of March 17

Episode 15 - Leadership Crisis, or Crisis in Influence?

Episode 14 - The ESG Weekly: Week of March 10

Episode 13 - The ESG Weekly: Week of March 3

Episode 12 - Who Pays for Corruption?


Episode 10 - Halloween is a Time for Zombies, Ghosts, and Frankenstein

Episode 09 - A Short History of ESG: Part II

Episode 08 - A Short History of ESG: Part I

Episode 07 - Join the Gang: Climate Edition

Episode 06 - The Privacy of Things

Episode 05 - When Genius Meets Governance

Episode 04 - Back to School Special: Student Debt, Consumer Finance, and Robots

Episode 03 - Indra Nooyi, and Why Diversity of Management Matters

EPISODE 02 - Where should we even start?

Episode 01 - Welcome to the MSCI ESG Research Podcast, ESG Now


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