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Managed services

Managed Services is a convenient and cost-effective way to outsource data processing, systems administration and reporting to MSCI’s data management professionals.  Outsourcing these functions frees up our clients to focus on value-added work such as risk budgeting, asset allocation and manager selection and monitoring.

MSCI is recognized as a leader in Risk as a Service at the  2019 Chartis RiskTech 100 awards:

Our end-to-end services include:

  1. Consolidation of data from various sources
  2. Data reconciliation analysis (comparing the market value of portfolios as reported by back-office systems or custodians with Barra-calculated market values)
  3. Uploading of data into MSCI’s risk and portfolio management applications
  4. Review of results and identification of anomalies
  5. Customized reporting

Reporting options

Reporting options

Ad hoc, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual

Firm level and portfolio level

Trend analysis

Point-in-time analysis

- Exposure

- Market value and rejected security reconciliation

- Performance

- Risk contribution

- Risk decomposition

- Risk summary

- Stress testing and VaR simulation (historical or Monte Carlo)