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Navigate Complexity with Confidence

Many financial firms are subject to a multitude of regulations that often require complex analytics to meet compliance mandates.  As liquidity risk, capital adequacy and other complex calculations have become a central part of many regulators' agendas, compliance often demands large amounts of market data and sophisticated analytical capabilities. All of this comes at a cost to firms, and non-compliance can put firms at risk of hefty regulatory fines as well as reputational damage, potentially resulting in loss of revenue.

MSCI is an established leader in risk and performance analytics that can help buy- and sell-side firms navigate some of the most complex aspects of compliance. We provide data, risk analytics and regulatory reporting solutions designed to facilitate compliance with the analytical aspects of financial regulations. Our practical, research-based solutions are built on expertise gained through working closely with market participants and regular, proactive engagement with regulators. In addition, our offerings may help clients reduce some of the overhead cost of compliance.

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Research and Regulatory Engagement
Our research team actively monitors relevant developments and engages with regulators globally through consultations, presentations and workgroups, in order to provide continually improved solutions to our clients.
Asset managers
Hedge funds
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