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Are you making unintended bets?

Investment managers continually assess their securities fundamentals, portfolio weights, risks, and opportunities to keep pace with evolving market dynamics and client expectations. And they are increasingly prioritizing risk management. Our data and tools offer a broader view of risks, opportunities, and undiscovered insights to help provide an extensive view of your securities and portfolio.

Key benefits - Equity Portfolio

Key benefits

Create resilient and differentiated portfolios

Get data-driven insights that complement your fundamental analysis

Shore up your view of the market, maximize intended exposures, and minimize blind spots with our solutions that complement your process

Understand risk and performance drivers

Effectively manage your portfolio across various market cycles

Precisely attribute the sources of risk and performance to stock selection, industry or style characteristics for an additional layer of clarity

Navigate the risk landscape

Enable better risk identification, management and alignment with your investment objectives

Establish a common language for managers and risk professionals to foster collaboration for a broader understanding of security and portfolio risks

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Our five-decade legacy of working side-by-side with clients and years of data heritage play to your strengths. We help you unlock data-driven insights that complement your fundamental analysis. Our aim is to enable you to navigate a complex risk landscape and build differentiated and resilient portfolios throughout market regimes.

Use cases - Equity Portfolio

Use cases

  • Understand the true drivers of risk and return

    • Avoid unintended risks and biases and maximize your intended exposures.
    • Showcase your value and separate stock picking from style contributions.
    • Your edge: Demonstrate your differentiated view of the market.
  • Collaborate between front and middle office

    • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of risk with a common language to view security and portfolio risk across the organization.
    • Understand and share actionable insights across teams promoting informed investment discussions and decisions alignment.
    • Your edge: Best position your portfolio to meet investment objectives.
  • Navigate security traffic avoiding crowded trades

    • When too much capital is chasing the same securities and ideas, trades can become crowded, increasing volatility and the risk of a liquidity or drawdown event.
    • Look at concentrations observed at the individual stock-level and make informed decisions that align best with your risk tolerance and investment strategy.
    • Your edge: Improve the risk/return profile of your holdings by replacing crowded stocks with less crowded ones that have similar characteristics.
  • Benchmark active performance against a comparable index

    • Benchmark your strategy’s returns and holdings against a comparable style index alternative.
    • Separate skill-based stock-selection contribution from the style component of returns.
    • Your edge: Showcase true value-add by comparing performance relative to low-cost, index style competitors.
  • Better communicate your strategies’ effectiveness

    • Compare portfolio holdings, active positioning and underlying stock fundamentals versus an appropriate factor index.
    • Justify your contribution relative to a transparent, low-cost, factor index approach.
    • Your edge: Create stronger stories for your security selection approach and active positioning.

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