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Australia Property Investment Webinar, Q2 2022

Australia’s performance in rising uncertainty

After a lacklustre 2020, real estate performance rebounded sharply in 2021 and continued to improve in early 2022. But how has real estate fared in Q2 with mounting economic pressures such as rising inflation and interest rates resulting in repricing of assets globally? Has the industrial sector finally reached its peak? Transaction volumes have fallen significantly, but has there been any impact on pricing, and will we begin to see pressure on income levels? Australia traditionally performs better than most of its global counterparts during economic stress. But is this still the case?

Watch our on-demand virtual event where we were joined by the leading industry minds on August 17, 2022, as we answered these questions and more when we reviewed the Property Council of Australia / MSCI Australia Annual Property Index results for Q2 and discussed some key trends emerging in global real estate.

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Aug 17


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