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Incorporating ESG momentum into an investment strategy

APAC markets have tended to have low MSCI ESG Ratings compared to global peers. This is changing rapidly, with even some of the worst-performing sectors, such as energy and materials, starting to improve their ESG practices. Moreover, the improvement has been strongest in some of the lowest-scoring markets, mainly the ASEAN region, mainland China and South Korea over the past three years.

What does this rise in ESG Ratings mean to investors? In addition to looking at existing ESG ratings, how can investors reposition their portfolios to benefit from positive ESG momentum and capture the potential improvement in company performance from the adoption of ESG practices?

In this webinar, we looked at some of the positive ESG trends in the APAC region, the most improved high risk ESG sectors and how these improvements in sector ESG scores could translate into sector and market changes at a portfolio level. Our experts also shared some of the available tools to incorporate ESG momentum into a traditional investment approach.

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Aug 17 2021



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