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MSCI Canadian Institutional Investor Conference

We are looking forward to your attendance this year at the MSCI’s Canadian Institutional Investor Conference. We have carefully designed the agenda to enable rich conversations around some of the disruptive trends facing pension plans, foundations, endowments and investment consultants.

Agenda Highlights

  • The Future of Active Management
  • Innovation in Factor Investing
  • Disruptive Technology in Finance
  • Seeking Return Through Infrastructure Investments
  • Around the World Tour of ESG Ratings Across Equity and Fixed Income

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Nov 7, 2018



8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Intercontinental Montreal
360 Saint-Antoine Street West
Ravel Salon - 3rd Floor
Montreal, QC H2Y 3X4


Wednesday November 7, 2018
8:00 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
8:45 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jeremy Baskin, Managing Director & Head of Americas Client Coverage, MSCI

9:00 a.m.

Future of Active Management

Peter Zangari, PhD, Managing Director & Global Head of Research and Product Development, MSCI

Active managers are increasingly being affected by evolutions and disruptions in the investment process. Global investing, factor investing, ESG integration, big data and machine learning all have the potential to reshape the investment industry. How active managers take advantage of the new tools available to enhance their processes will be key to their ongoing success.


9:45 a.m.

Disruptive Technologies in Finance

Peter Shepard, PhD, Managing Director & Head of Fixed Income, Multi-Asset Class & Real Estate Research, MSCI

Big data and machine learning are transforming several sectors of the economy, including some areas of finance. The transformation begs new questions: What new technologies are most widely being used in the asset management industry? Are these technologies efficiency tools or do they have the potential to generate alpha and ultimately replace traditional active managers? Will the new technologies transform the investment industry, or are they hype? Peter Shepard presents examples of MSCI’s research that employs these technologies.

10:30 a.m. Break
10:45 a.m.

How Active Managers Can Add Value

Abhishek Gupta, CFA, Vice President, Equity Solutions Research, MSCI

A detailed review of past performance of active managers across different segments of the global equity markets reveal that active managers can be more successful in some equity markets than others. For those fundamental active managers facing a challenge, we present a framework to enhance their fund strategies by incorporating factor or ESG information into their portfolio construction while preserving their fundamental investment process.

11:30 a.m.

New Factors from Alternative Data and Technologies

Leon Roisenberg, Executive Director, Equity Core Research, MSCI
Jon Spinney, CFA, Chief Investment Officer & VP, Quantitative Investing, Vestcor

Advances in technology, data and analytics present new opportunities for factor research and asset management. Speakers will present their research and share practitioner perspective on how the latest alternative data sets, machine learning techniques, and big data technologies reshaping the way we invest globally.

12:15 p.m. Lunch
1:15 p.m.
Around the World Tour of ESG Ratings Across Equity and Fixed Income
Guillermo Cano, Executive Director, Equity Solutions Research, MSCI
Kevin Kwok, Vice President, ESG Research, MSCI
As investors evaluate the risk and opportunities associated with environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, we take a look at the breadth of ESG data across equities and fixed income securities. How are equity and fixed income ESG ratings between the two asset classes similar and how are they different? How can investors integrate ESG into their equity and fixed income portfolios?
2:00 p.m. Break
2:15 p.m.
PANEL: How to Build a Better Real Assets Portfolio
James Harkness, Executive Director, Client Coverage Canada & Mid-West US, MSCI
Nicolas Drapeau, CFA, VP for Private Markets, Bimcor
Chris Koski, CFA, Managing Director and Global Head of Investment Strategy, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners
Nathalie Ladouceur, Senior Director, Valuation Governance, PSP investments
Real Assets are playing an ever-important role in multi-class portfolio’s. This panel will delve into a wide array of themes related to building a better real assets portfolio. These themes include partner selection, valuations of real assets, allocations and performance measurement. Our panelists all bring a different perspective to the session and will help the audience learn about the key issues related to the fascinating realm of real assets.
3:00 p.m.

Fire-Side Chat with Keynote Speaker Marlene Puffer - The Global Financial Crisis: Ten Years On

Marlene Puffer, PhD,  President and Chief Executive Officer, CN Investment Division
Peter Zangari, PhD, Managing Director & Global Head of Research and Product Development, MSCI

The global financial crisis of 2008 fundamentally changed global markets. Its impact on investors cannot be overstated. In this panel we share reflections from leading MSCI researchers and industry experts discussing what we learned about risk and markets and where they see the investment world heading over the next 10 years.

4:00 p.m.

Closing Remarks

Russell Read, PhD, Managing Director & Global Head of Client Solutions, MSCI

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Event Speakers

Jeremy Baskin

Managing Director & Head of Americas Client Coverage in Americas | MSCI

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Peter Zangari

Peter Zangari

Global Head of Research & Product Development | MSCI

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Peter Shepard

Peter Shepard

Managing Director & Head of Fixed Income, Multi-Asset Class & Real Estate Research | MSCI

Read Bio
Dorsey Barnett Horowitz

Dorsey Barnett Horowitz

Managing Director & Head of Asset Owner and Consultant Coverage - Americas | MSCI

Read Bio

Guillermo Cano

Executive Director, Equity Solutions, MSCI | MSCI

Read Bio

James Harkness

Executive Director, Client Coverage for Canada and Mid-West US | MSCI

Read Bio

Marlene Puffer

President & Chief Executive Officer | CN Investment Division

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Leon Roisenberg

Executive Director, Equity Core Research | MSCI

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Jon Spinney

Chief Investment Officer & VP, Quantitative Investing | Vestcor

Read Bio

Chris Koski

Managing Director and Global Head of Investment Strategy | Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners

Read Bio

Nicolas Drapeau

VP Private Markets | Bimcor

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Nathalie Ladouceur

Senior Director, Valuation Governance | PSP Investments

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Abhishek Gupta

Vice President, Equity Solutions Research | MSCI

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Kevin Kwok

Vice President, ESG Research | MSCI

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Russell Read

Managing Director & Global Head of Client Solutions | MSCI

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