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MSCI ESG Research: Post-pandemic ESG Challenges and Opportunities in Asia Pacific region

MSCI ESG Research hosted a 50-minute call to discuss “Post-pandemic ESG Challenges and Opportunities in Asia Pacific region”. Various environmental and social challenges and opportunities have been posed amid the pandemic, and countries and companies are adapting to those systematic changes. We believe it is timely and critical to analyze how ESG risks and opportunities would accelerate from the following perspectives: supply chain disruptions in hard tech industry, privacy and data security risks in medical service providers in South-East Asia, and the green stimulus. Beginning with an overview of potential ESG risks and opportunities after COVID-19 in the APAC region, Siping Guo, Jurgita Balaisyte and Morgan Ellis from MSCI ESG Research shared insights on the following topics:

Labor risks in tech supply chains

In this section, Siping Guo discussed production disruptions in tech supply chains and production lines, as the most labor-intensive operations are clustered in regions like East and Southeast Asia. The analysis looks at labor shortages, strained labor-management relations, and lack of transparency for end customers and investors, all of which could hamper effective responses and quick recovery from upheaval.

COVID-19 impacts on medical tourism in South-East Asia

In this section, Jurgita Balaisyte shared her insights about South-East Asian private healthcare companies. They have been capitalizing on growth from overseas tourists, which has now dropped sharply due to travel restrictions linked to COVID-19. Digital healthcare offerings could soften the impact and speed up digital transformation if companies can ramp them up quickly – while avoiding privacy and data security pitfalls.

• Green buildings and COVID-19 insights & transition risks in key real estate markets

In this section, Morgan Ellis walked through how companies with high levels of green certification of properties could weather the COVID-19 impact. He will then share insights on transition risks and stimulus for companies to implement green building practices and also provide the exposure of the top 10 markets to strong transition risk drivers.

June 29, 2020



1:30 p.m. HKT Hong Kong / Singapore
2:30 p.m. JST Tokyo
3:30 p.m. AEST Sydney



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