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MSCI Nexus: How next-generation technology will solve today’s most important investment challenges

Data and technology are transforming the investment industry. Sophisticated investors worldwide are challenging age-old processes and accelerating the adoption of new technologies to drive a step-change in alpha generation, risk management, customization, and new offerings – all key to staying ahead of the competition.  

At MSCI, we believe that harnessing and leveraging new technology and data is the defining opportunity of our business and that we have an essential role to play in supporting the transformation of investment markets. Accordingly, we invite you to join our inaugural Nexus Conference exploring the interplay between the latest technologies and the latest investment solutions. 

We will examine how to unlock the power of finance with technological innovations and what a reimagined role of technology means for investors. We will explore how to build better portfolios, manage risk, and capitalize on the opportunities afforded by implementing the latest advancements in data and technology. 

Who should attend? Senior leaders of investment firms, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Investment Officers, and anyone else interested in the future of investing and the role of technological innovation in driving it.  

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Mar 9 2022

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8:00 a.m. PST
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Virtual Platform


8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Baer PettitPresident and Chief Operating Officer, MSCI

8:02 a.m. PST / 11:02 a.m. EST

Keynote: What’s ahead? The investment technology and data revolution 

Advancements in technology and demand for data are disrupting risk and return analysis and transforming the portfolio construction process. Cutting-edge innovations in cloud, natural language processing, data lake, data warehousing, and the end-to-end user experience are ushering in an era of transparency, liquidity, efficiency and customization. This keynote session will address the following questions:  

  • What does the future state of the financial industry look like? 
  • How will the strong trends of direct indexing, mass customization and tailored investments change investing?  
  • How can investment firms best adapt to these trends? What should investors look for to differentiate between technology offerings?  
  • How can new technology and data help investors better manage risk and customize portfolios for climate, ESG and other mandates? How is innovation unlocking new revenue opportunities?  
  • What are the consequences for companies that fall behind in technology investments?  

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, Microsoft 
Sandy Rattray, Former Chief Investment Officer, Man Group
Jigar Thakkar, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Engineering, MSCI

8:45 a.m. PST / 11:45 a.m. EST

Industry leaders speak out: Leveraging data to unleash opportunity 

Data is the lifeblood of our industry, but synthesizing large amounts of data to balance performance, risk, sustainability, and climate impact amidst evolving governance regulations is becoming ever more complicated. As a result, investors need to reduce the complexity of managing large amounts of data across asset classes so that they can focus on generating alpha. This session will address the following questions:  

  • How are companies dealing with the challenges of multiple sources of data?  How can investors successfully ingest and integrate third-party data and analytics? What are best practices for data management?  
  • How can data help firms generate alpha, understand investment risks and navigate trends and opportunities? What are best practices in terms of data analysis and visualization? Which APIs and software interfaces are best?  
  • How are firms using data more effectively to support investment processes, including portfolio construction and risk management, while keeping sustainability and climate commitments in sight? How is data making it possible to invest flexibly across the capital stack and varying risk-return profiles? How can investors use data and technology to understand better what they own, what they’re exposed to and what could go wrong

Marco Argenti, Co-Chief Information Officer, Goldman Sachs
Linda-Eling Lee, Managing Director and Head of ESG & Climate Research, MSCI
Chris Pham, SVP – Investment Management Chief Data Officer, Franklin Templeton

9:30 a.m. PST / 12:30 p.m. EST

What’s new? Innovations in data management, climate analytics, and custom index-building 

This session will look closely at how investors can capitalize on the technology and data revolution to create better portfolios with MSCI’s latest and upcoming advancements. Learn how to leverage an API and data-rich financial infrastructure that aims to reshape the investment ecosystem. Explore enhanced climate tools and dashboards that are advancing investor sustainability efforts. Preview our applications to help investors design, simulate, analyze and license custom indexes. Come learn about our newly developed Investment Solutions as a Service (ISaaS) offerings- Developer Community, Data Explorer, Climate Lab and Index Builder.

Marion de Marcilliac, Executive Director, ESG Products, MSCI
Brian Matthews, Managing Director, COO Index Products, MSCI
Jason Mirsky, Managing Director & Head of Analytics Enterprise Risk and Performance, MSCI
Manav Mishra, Managing Director, Head of Program Management & UX Design, MSCI
Sanjay Nagamangalam, Executive Director, Program Management Lead for Data Technologies & OneMSCI Platform, MSCI
Viplav Nigam, Managing Director & Head of Global Data Technology, MSCI
Ruta Pithwa, Executive Director, Program Management Lead for Real Estate, MSCI

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Event Speakers

Marco Argenti

Co-Chief Information Officer | Goldman Sachs

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Marion de Marcilliac

Executive Director, ESG Products | MSCI

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Scott Guthrie

Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud + AI Group | Microsoft

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Linda-Eling Lee

Managing Director and Head of ESG & Climate Research | MSCI

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Brian Matthews

Managing Director, COO Index Products | MSCI

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Jason Mirsky

Managing Director & Head of Analytics Enterprise Risk and Performance | MSCI

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Manav Mishra

Managing Director, Head of Program Management & UX Design | MSCI

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Sanjay Nagamangalam

Executive Director, Program Management Lead for Data Technologies & OneMSCI Platform | MSCI

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Viplav Nigam

Managing Director & Head of Global Data Technology | MSCI

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Baer Pettit

President and Chief Operating Officer | MSCI

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Chris Pham

SVP – Investment Management Chief Data Officer | Franklin Templeton

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Ruta Pithwa

Executive Director, Program Management Lead for Real Estate | MSCI

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Sandy Rattray

Former Chief Investment Officer | Man Group

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Jigar Thakkar

Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Engineering | MSCI

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