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MSCI Panel at Governance Week

The ESG Dialogue - Evolving Beyond ESG Ratings

ESG ratings are evolving, even as their importance to investors continues to rise. Perhaps because climate change has done more than any other single collective issue to fuel the global ESG movement, it should not be surprising that some equate ESG ratings with climate impact or believe that they measure a company’s commitment to ESG.  Yet,  MSCI ESG Ratings are not report cards on corporate citizenship. Instead, they are investment tools that measure a company’s resilience to long-term, financially relevant environmental, social, and governance risks. In this context MSCI ESG Ratings synthesize a much wider mix of sustainability factors, as highlighted by the social challenges and supply chain issues emphasized so dramatically by the global pandemic. 

Investors integrating ESG considerations increasingly require new types of ESG data, especially when it comes to analyzing the financial risks and opportunities presented by climate change. Such considerations may include assessing companies’ efforts to achieve their net- zero emissions targets; companies’ use of carbon offsets; “double materiality”; ESG principles in the context of long-short funds and portfolios; and how to report results.  

MSCI’s Head of ESG & Climate Industry Research in the Americas, Julia Morello-Giguere, will host Sarah Williamson, CEO FCLT, in discussing these topics and other critical questions regarding ESG ratings and ESG investing, including your own.  

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Jun 7 2022


8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.


Cambria Hotel Boston
THE KENNEDY ROOM - 2nd floor
6 W Broadway 
Boston, MA 02127   
P: (617) 752-6681

Event Speakers

Sarah Keohane Williamson

Chief Executive Officer | FCLT Global

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Julia Giguere Morello

Executive Director, Head of ESG & Climate Industry Research | MSCI

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