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MSCI series: Implementing TCFD Reporting

In the fourth part of this 4 part series, we will touch on the collaborative efforts taking place around the world to combat climate risk. In addition, we will highlight the data MSCI offers to help with company climate assessments.

Now that you have set targets, how do you turn intention into action if you are not taking a divestment approach? We’ll highlight MSCI data that can be used when engaging with issuers to reduce carbon footprint, improve climate management, and capturing low carbon opportunities.

We will also be joined M&G Investments, a founding signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, to discuss their own issuer engagement efforts on climate.

March - April, 2021

Virtual Platform


March 9, 2021: Implementing TCFD Reporting: Overview and Metrics 

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March 23, 2021: Implementing TCFD Reporting: How to Interpret the Data? (Basic Use Cases) 

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April 06, 2021: Implementing TCFD Reporting: What to do with the data? Net-Zero Target Setting (Advanced Use Case) 

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April 20, 2021: Implementing TCFD Reporting: Engaging With Issuers on Climate Risk Management 
07:30 a.m. PST San Francisco
10:30 a.m. EST New York
3:30 p.m. GMT London
4:30 p.m. CET Paris

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