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Nexus of ESG and China’s Strategic Policy Shift

Many of the recent regulatory headlines in China such as the regulatory crackdowns on various sectors and carbon neutrality policies in China reflect a strategic policy shift that aims to tackle the country’s emerging environmental and social issues. These issues are owing to rising global challenges, as well as domestic concerns over social inequality, climate change and its aging population. Sustainable and equitable development is taking center stage.

By examining China's 14th Five-Year Plan, China's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) commitments on climate change and other strategic development goals, our thematic report “Nexus of ESG and China’s Strategic Policy Shift” looks into the recent policy shift in China and identified three new regulatory priorities – Common prosperity, the Transition to Net-Zero and Soften the Impact of Aging Population.

Under this policy-driven backdrop, investors can leverage MSCI’s ESG and climate metrics and tools to analyze potential risks in underlying assets, identify leading and laggard companies and align their investment portfolios with China’s ESG objectives. In this webinar, our ESG & climate experts analyzed the implication of China’s strategic policy shift and how investors can leverage our ESG and climate metrics and tools to capture investment opportunities.


Agenda topics:

The implications of China’s strategic policy shift

How to use MSCI’s ESG and climate indicators and tools to align with policy objectives

China ESG Snapshot

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Jun 23 2022



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