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Resurgence in Value

Special Topic: Can ESG help explain portfolio performance?

Value indexes outperformed across markets in late 2020 and continued to perform strongly in Q1 2021, after a prolonged period of relatively weak performance. In the first quarter Value strategies have seen a boost from the re-opening of economies and coincided with expectations for higher inflation and long-term interest rates. 

Was there value in selecting sectors and countries as well as stocks? 

In our latest Factors in Focus quarterly webinar, MSCI experts discuss value performance and finding value in sectors and countries. This session will also cover the MSCI Global Equity Factor Model + ESG (GEMLTESG) as a special topic and offer insights on how ESG has contributed to portfolio risk and return. Can ESG help explain performance? Has the explanatory power for ESG increased in the recent years and what are the reasons contributing to that? 

Join this webinar as we cover these questions and more.

Agenda topics

  • Finding Value in sectors and countries
  • Value in 2021 based on the indicators of performance
  • Special Topic: ESG explaining risk and return of a portfolio

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Apr 15 2021


11:00 a.m. HKT Hong Kong 
12:00 p.m. JST Tokyo
1:00 p.m. AEST Sydney


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Event Speakers

Oleg Ruban

Executive Director and Head of Analytics Applied Research for Asia Pacific | MSCI

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