Understanding Performance Measurement

A comprehensive one-day course that explains and illustrates the measurement techniques used in MSCI's comparative analysis of the real estate portfolio. The course is mainly workshop-based, giving participants the chance to work through examples of the calculations and get a hands-on understanding of the different components that affect the performance of a Real Estate portfolio. 

PLEASE NOTE: This course is workshop based, and attendees would need to bring their own laptop.

Course Fees
MSCI Real Estate PAS Client Fee: £600 + VAT
Standard Fee: £650 + VAT

Course Content

How to measure property performance An introduction to the general principle of measuring the performance of investment assets
Calculating performance for single periods

How to calculate the basic performance building blocks; total return, income return and capital growth

Creating performance time series Generating longer term performance measures by compounding numbers for single time periods
Benchmarking                         Calculating the performance of a fund or group of properties relative to a benchmark for a particulate market, sector or region.
Attribution analysis                  Calculating the elements that underpin changes in capital value; rental value growth and yield impacts
Income analysis                       How to calculate income measures including vacancy rates and projected cash flows 

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Oct 12, 2016



9:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Etc Venues,
Tenter House,
45 Moorfields,
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