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ESG Update - November 2011

last modified on 20 Dec 2018 UTC

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ESG Update

From MSCI | November 2011


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Announcements & Updates

MSCI ESG IVA Industry Reports and Ratings

In November, MSCI ESG Research has published MSCI ESG IVA Industry Reports and Methodologies for the following industries:

- Containers & Packaging
- Retail - Europe
- Global Banks
- Transportation Infrastructure
- Household Durables
- Water Utilities

In addition, we have updated the MSCI ESG IVA Company Profiles and Ratings for the following industries:

- Consumer Finance
- Semiconductor Equipment & Products
- Hotels & Travel

MSCI ESG IVA Methodology Improvements

MSCI continuously improves its research and products. The latest improvements to the MSCI ESG IVA Rating methodology and functionality on the ESG Manager platform include:

- New scores added to ESG Manager: overall company scores; ESG pillar scores; Corporate Governance scores; and Risk Management and Risk Exposure scores
- New and improved IVA company reports on ESG Manager beginning in December
- Minimum weights for ESG Pillars: at minimum one key ESG issue having a minimum weight of 5%, with all companies receiving a Corporate Governance score having a minimum weight of 5%; beginning November 30th for newly published industries
- Adjusted Australian and UK IVA coverage based on MSCI Indices

An updated IVA methodology document is available on ESG Manager, and iRatings. If you have any questions or did not receive the client notification, please contact your ESG Account Manager or ESGClientService@msci.com.


For more information on MSCI ESG Research and Indices products and services, please visit our website.


Research Insight

Encouraging Sustainable Growth with ESG Research

It provides a powerful means for investors to influence the shape of our future economy. Investing in funds that integrate ESG encourages investment in sustainable companies and de-capitalizes poorly rated ESG companies. At the same time, there are reports that indicate ESG research can add to performance... Read more

Hot Topic

Better Access to Nutrition

As fiscal and sovereign wealth problems in the US and Europe weigh on global financial markets, another problem is brewing in agricultural markets that could blunt a sustained economic recovery. World food prices have reached record levels, and show few signs of abating. Low-income consumers in the developing world have been hit especially hard, with ripple effects spreading around the globe... Read more

Press Release - MSCI ESG Research Signs Agreement with GAIN to Provide Analysis for the Access to Nutrition Index

Webinar - Better Access to Nutrition, Q1 2012

Industry in Focus

Uncovering Opportunities in the Utilities Sector

While 2011 began with encouraging signs of upturn in the economy, the debt crisis in Europe and the lingering weakness of the economy in North America has continued to weigh on industrials throughout 2011, affecting utilities through decreased demand in power and gas... Read more

Featured Resources

Whitepaper - Integrating ESG into the Investment Process
FTfm video - Pension Funds drive ESG adoption
Webcast - Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Unconventional Oil & Gas 


ESG Events Calendar

Novethic's Annual Event for Responsible Investors

November 28, 2011, Paris

Industry Event

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MSCI ESG Research / UKSIF Seminar - Sustainable Housing

December 1, 2011, London


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Media Networking Breakfast NYC - Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

December 2, 2011, New York


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PRI South Africa Network Meeting

December 6, 2011, Durban - South Africa

Industry Event

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MSCI ESG Research / Nordea / University of St Andrews Seminar – ESG Integration into Mainstream Investment Processes

December 8, 2011, Helsinki


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MSCI ESG Research / Responsible Investor 'ESG Leaders' Roundtable – Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

December 12, 2011, New York


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Friends of Funds – MSCI Speaker Slot on SRI / ESG Investments

December 13, 2011, Zurich


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Better Access to Nutrition

Q1 2012, (date tbc), LiveMeeting


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