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ESG Update - October 2011

last modified on 13 May 2019 UTC

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ESG Update

From MSCI | October 2011

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Announcements & Updates


In October, MSCI ESG Research has published MSCI ESG IVA Industry Reports and Methodologies* for the following industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Commodity Chemicals
  • Electric Power – North America
  • Gas Utilities
  • Integrated Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate Management and Development
  • Restaurants
  • Retail - Europe
  • Retail – North America
  • Textiles, Apparel, and Luxury Goods
  • Tobacco*

In addition, we have updated the MSCI ESG IVA Company Profiles and Risk Ratings for the following industries:

  • Banks - Asia Pacific
  • Containers & Packaging
  • Household Durables
  • REITs – Asia Pacific
  • Retail - Europe
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water Utilities (formerly known as Public Services)

Featured Resources

Nominations - MSCI ESG Research's AUS Carbon Tax Report has been nominated for the 2011 Australian Sustainability Awards
Whitepaper - Integrating ESG into the Investment Process
FTfm video - Pension Funds drive ESG adoption
Webcast - Integrating ESG into the Investment Process - Opportunities for South Africa, Oct 27, 2011



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Research Insights

Measuring ESG Effectiveness

Asset owners and managers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential risk and value impact of ESG factors, and their potential effect on an investment profile. ESG factors are seen as both a risk and an opportunity to select better-managed companies. To ensure effective risk management, it is important that institutional investors understand the sources of ESG risks and have an overall appreciation of these risks at the portfolio level. MSCI ESG Research invites you to the next 'ESG Integration' webinar where our experts will discuss how ESG factors can be more effectively used as risk and return drivers and how an ESG analytic framework can facilitate understanding of ESG risk at security, sector, key issues and portfolio level...

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» Read the Insight "Encouraging Sustainable Growth with ESG Research"

Hot Topic

Global Cluster Munitions Legislation and Implications for Investors

Cluster munitions are a collection of ten to several hundred individual sub-munitions, weighing less than 20 kilograms each, designed to scatter and explode over an area as large as several football fields. Human rights organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), media, and local governments have campaigned against cluster munitions due to the widespread and indiscriminate damage inflicted upon both soldiers and civilians. Cluster munitions, along with other indiscriminate weapons such as landmines, are covered by international humanitarian law. This Blog reviews the international and country-specific cluster munitions mandates, including recent developments in the Netherlands, and provides a focused view on the legislation prohibiting investments... Read more

Industry in Focus

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Unconventional Oil & Gas

Despite jitters in the financial markets, the Oil and Gas industry is riding high, with bullish projections for energy prices. The run up in demand means the push for unconventional oil and gas is strong. Companies are racing to develop sources requiring deepwater, oil sands, and shale gas drilling – encroaching on new territories and using techniques that carry high environmental and social risks...

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ESG Events Calendar

TBLI Europe Conference – ESG Integration Roundtable and Speaker Slots

November 10 - 11, 2011, London

Industry Event

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Investment Concept - Measuring ESG Effectiveness

November 14, 2011


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Industry in Focus - Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Unconventional Oil & Gas

November 17, 2011


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MSCI ESG Research / Sparinvest Seminar – ESG Integration, from Theory into Practice

November 23, 2011, Oslo


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Novethic's Annual Event for Responsible Investors

November 28, 2011, Paris

Industry Event

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MSCI ESG Research / UKSIF Seminar - Sustainable Housing

December 1, 2011, London


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Media Networking Breakfast NYC - Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

December 2, 2011, New York


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MSCI ESG Research / Nordea / University of St Andrews Seminar – ESG Integration into Mainstream Investment Processes

December 8, 2011, Helsinki


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MSCI ESG Research / Responsible Investor 'ESG Leaders' Roundtable – Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

December 12, 2011, New York


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Friends of Funds – MSCI Speaker Slot on SRI / ESG Investments

December 13, 2011, Zurich


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