Tools to help institutional investors benchmark, measure and manage portfolio exposure to carbon risk

MSCI ESG Research offers a suite of tools that can help investors implement a fossil fuel exclusion or low carbon strategy and uncover opportunities. We provide extensive carbon metrics, pre-defined screening options, carbon portfolio analytics reports and research on clean tech leaders as well as low carbon and fossil fuel exclusion indexes.

MSCI ESG CarbonMetrics

Quantitative data on carbon emissions and carbon intensity, as well as fossil fuel screens (reserves, revenues, power generation by fuel type) for over 8,900 companies.

Carbon Metrics

MSCI ESG Environmental Impact Metrics

Identify cleantech and environmental opportunities across five themes: Alternative Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Pollution Prevention, and Sustainable Water.

Environmental Impact Metrics

MSCI Carbon portfolio analytics

Measure the carbon footprint and carbon risk exposure of your portfolio in comparison to informative benchmarks with this comprehensive analysis and reporting tool.

Carbon Portfolio Analytics

MSCI Global Low carbon and Environmental indexes

Choose from a range of innovative environmental and low carbon benchmark indexes.

Low Carbon Indexes

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MSCI Low Carbon Indexes

The first benchmarks designed to address two dimensions of carbon exposure: carbon emissions and fossil fuel reserves.

Index Carbon Footprint Metrics

MSCI reports on three measures of carbon footprint for 19 of its global benchmark indexes.