What are the five ESG trends to watch in 2016?

In our annual report, we highlight the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends that are top of mind for investors going into the New Year. In 2016, these trends reflect a softening economy, a long-term shift to a low carbon economy, a generational changeover and institutional forces.

  1. Tide Turns on Credit? ESG upside opportunities in a market of downside risk

  2. Divide and Conquer – Decoupling clean from dirty in power generation assets

  3. Wealth of Data – Greater portfolio transparency for wealth managers

  4. Power in Numbers – The rise of beta engagement to improve long-term growth

  5. Mind the Pay Gap – Turning the spotlight on pay inequality and performance

To read the complete analysis, download our Issue Brief: 2016 ESG Trends to Watch.

Download the Research Spotlight "2016 ESG Trends to Watch."


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Blog Post

Environmental, social and governance concerns may play a growing role in investment matters in 2016.

Issue Brief

We highlight the five ESG trends that are top of mind for investors going into 2016. Read the complete analysis here.