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Investors today are looking for indexes with targeted exposures to align with their investment objectives. MSCI brings to market Fixed Income Factor, ESG and Climate Indexes helping investors gain better insights in a fully transparent and targeted manner.

MSCI Fixed Income Indexes leverage 50 years of extensive risk and performance experience in fixed income analytics. Our fixed income indexes are another step in the evolution of providing outcome-oriented solutions to our clients across asset classes for total portfolio solutions.

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MSCI Launches Climate Paris Aligned Fixed Income Indexes

Extending our market leading ESG and climate expertise in Fixed Income, we are pleased to announce the launch of the MSCI Climate Paris Aligned Fixed Income Indexes for a consistent multi-asset approach. Like the equity range, these indexes are designed to address climate change in a holistic way by minimizing exposure to transition & physical climate risks and aim to help investors seeking to align with a net-zero world.

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