What is Data Explorer

What is Data Explorer?

Institutional investors increasingly need high-quality datasets that allow them to easily get insight at every stage of the investment process.

Data Explorer is a gateway to MSCI’s data universe. Data Explorer empowers quant analysts and product managers to search and explore data faster, and enables Chief Data Officers to make informed decisions. It allows institutional investment organizations to use MSCI data to power portfolio construction and analysis, investment strategies and decision-making. Built on Microsoft Azure, Data Explorer is intuitive, fast and easy to use, and offers a modern data-search experience.

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Why Use Data Explorer

Why Use Data Explorer?

  • Experience a single platform for search and exploration of MSCI products and data
  • Search, preview, and download sample data for industry-leading datasets and documentation that power MSCI’s solutions for equities, enterprise risk management, factors, fixed income, climate and ESG investing, and real estate
  • Explore new datasets for asset location, interest-rate curves, single-security analytics, volatility surfaces and quality reviews
  • See recommendations for related datasets of interest

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