We are an international company with a highly diverse global footprint. Diversity, is at our core and inclusion defines our culture. Our people are empowered to maximize their potential in an environment where all individuals are respected and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work.

This culture drives us to innovate and provide industry-leading solutions that power better investment decisions. Increasing our diversity expands our talent pool which helps accelerate innovation in all we do.

We are dedicated to hiring and promoting qualified candidates who have been historically underrepresented in our industry, including women, ethnic minorities, and those in the LGBT+ community.

Diversity and Inclusion table

As of December 2020, women represented 33% of MSCI’s total employees and people of color accounted for 42% of our U.S. employees. By region, 46% of MSCI employees were located in the Asia Pacific region, 24% in Europe, Middle East and Africa, 21% in the U.S. and Canada, and 9% in Mexico and Brazil as of December 2020.


Gender Representation of Global Employees %

SASB Category Female Male N/A**
Executive Management 21% 78% 1%
Non-Executive Management  26% 73% 1%
Professionals 36% 63% 1%
All Other Employees  86% 13% 1%
Total  33% 66% 1%


Racial/Ethnic Group Representation of U.S. Employees %

SASB Category Asian Black or African American Hispanic or Latino White  Other*    N/A**
Executive Management 15% 0% 11% 63% 5%   6%
Non-Executive Management  24% 3% 6% 53% 4%   10%
Professionals 37% 3% 11% 42% 3%   3%
All Other Employees  4% 23% 46% 19% 8%   0%
Total  26% 3% 9% 50% 4%   8%


**NA%: Includes those put “decline to disclose” as well as missing data. In the US ethnicity, we have only 5 people missing ethnicity data so virtually all of this is decline to disclose
*Other: Two or more races; Native American or Hawaiian; Pacific Islander
Executive Management:  EC and Managing Directors
Non- Executive Management: Executive Director or Vice President
Professionals: Sr. Associate, Associate, Analyst except those in Corporate Services
All Other Employees: Sr. Associate, Associate, Analyst in Corporate Services and Other Administrative employees (assistants, etc)



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