The MSCI ESG Global Socrates platform supports the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis. Global Socrates provides company profiles and ratings of the ESG practices of thousands of companies worldwide.

Global Socrates can help advisers and managers get quick answers or look deeper into corporate ESG practices. Global Socrates enables advisers and managers to review numerical ratings, set screens, compare performance with sector peers, and get access to historical ESG profiles of thousands of companies worldwide.

In addition to ESG research, Global Socrates tracks company involvement in weapons, nuclear power, tobacco and other lines of business to which investors may want to limit exposure.

Clients can get access to Global Socrates data through a variety of delivery options. MSCI ESG Research can provide custom data exports for most trading platforms, plus data feeds and alerts for proprietary management systems.

To learn more about MSCI ESG Global Socrates, contact ESG Client Service.