MSCI ESG Impact Monitor conducts research to assess actual performance, looking for instances where companies are involved in major controversies or have breached the standards set by the UN Global Compact, ILO, or other international bodies.

A company's overall controversy score is determined by the lowest of the five ESG controversy pillar scores.

The controversies assessment framework is comprised of 4 tiers:

  • Overall Controversy Assessment
  • Controversy Pillar Assessments
  • Controversy Indicator Assessments
  • Controversy Case Assessments

MSCI ESG Impact Monitor uses a three-tiered ratings code to enable comparative analysis of the ESG risk profiles of each covered company:


GREEN: Indicates that the company is not involved in any major controversies



YELLOW: Indicates that the company is involved in severe-to-moderate level controversies



RED: Indicates that a company is involved in one or more very severe controversies


Data sources include:

  • Company sources: annual reports, environmental and social reports, securities filings, websites, press releases;
  • Government sources: Regulatory agencies (SEC, FDA, FTC, etc); US EPA; UK Environmental Agency Data; other government sources
  • Other sources: Popular trade  journals; NGO websites; Think tanks; Industry Associations, Newspapers and Magazines;

MSCI ESG Impact Monitor is available on the MSCI ESG Manager platform.

To learn more about MSCI ESG Impact Monitor, contact ESG Client Service.