MSCI ESG Intangible Value Assessment (IVA) provides research, ratings, and analysis of companies' financially material risks and opportunities arising from environmental, social, and governance factors. Through an in-depth analysis of material issues for the sector and rigorous benchmarking against sector peers, MSCI ESG IVA can reveal hidden investment risks or opportunities that may not be captured by conventional financial analyses.

Investors are becoming increasingly aware of the potential risk and value impact on their investments from macro ESG trends. From natural resource scarcity to changing governance standards, from global workforce management to evolving regulatory landscape, ESG factors can impact the long-term risk and return profile of investment portfolios. MSCI ESG IVA can help investors understand ESG-driven risk and opportunities and integrate these factors into the portfolio construction and management process. MSCI ESG IVA looks beyond 'green washing' to analyze over 5,000 global companies. Our global team of research analysts assess thousands of ESG data points across 34 ESG issues, focusing on the intersection between a company's core business and the key industry ESG issues that can create significant financial risks and opportunities for the company. MSCI ESG IVA Ratings are also mapped to over 260,000 fixed income securities.


Companies are rated by MSCI ESG analysts on an 'AAA- CCC' scale relative to the standards and performance of their industry peers. The MSCI ESG IVA ratings provide a signal to investors of the extent to which a company is well positioned to manage the financially material risks and opportunities arising from key ESG trends. The MSCI ESG IVA Rating is intended to be style-neutral and can be applied to either equity or bond portfolios.

MSCI ESG IVA clients receive access to a database of Company Profiles and Industry Reports. Each company profile includes relevant ESG performance data as well as an analysis of possible risks and opportunities facing the company in absolute terms and relative to sector peers. Sector Reports provide updates on changes to the ESG risk and opportunities landscape of each industry, and thorough benchmarking of the key global players on how well each is positioned to anticipate challenges and to tap opportunities relative to competitors.

MSCI ESG IVA clients also receive access to a new series of Thematic Reports that provide thematic research and analysis across sectors and asset classes. The Reports offer ESG macro- and micro-thematic research conclusions and explore ESG / financial returns, as well as the broader ESG footprint. The Executive Summary of the July 2013 Report, "Corruption: Identifying Costs and Vulnerabilities" is available here for your reference.

MSCI ESG IVA is available on the MSCI ESG Manager platform.

In addition to the MSCI ESG Manager platform, MSCI ESG IVA is integrated within MSCI’s BarraOne and Barra Portfolio Manager platforms, as well as in Factset and Style Research.

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