MSCI ESG Research products and services provide in-depth research, ratings and analysis of environmental, social and governance-related business practices to companies worldwide.

"I have recently signed up to the UN PRI. How can MSCI ESG Research help me?"
"I want to select the best-in-class companies and mitigate financial ESG risks."
"I want to minimize the reputational risks of my investments."
"I want to avoid investing in companies whose activities I find unethical or where I am legally required to divest."
"I want to minimize the risks of my fixed income portfolio, often overlooked in traditional credit analysis, by assessing a broad range of common issuer types."
"I want to measure and benchmark ESG risks at the portfolio level relative to index benchmarks."
"I want to consider ESG factors as part of a passive index-based strategy."
"I need ESG solutions tailored to my clients needs."

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