The MSCI Global Equity Indexes are widely tracked global equity benchmarks and serve as the basis for over 650 exchanged traded funds* throughout the world. The indexes provide exhaustive equity market coverage for over 75 countries in the Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets, applying a consistent index construction and maintenance methodology. This methodology allows for meaningful global views and cross regional comparisons across all market capitalization size, sector and style segments and combinations.


Calculated since 1969, the MSCI Global Equity Indexes have become integral tools in the investment processes of institutional investors around the world and are used:

  • for research;
  • in asset allocation models;
  • for benchmarking and conducting performance measurement analysis; and,
  • as the basis for index linked products such as indexed funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), OTC and non-OTC derivatives, and futures and options contracts.




* As of March 2014, based on data from Bloomberg