The MSCI Commodity Producers Indexes are free float-adjusted market capitalization indexes designed to reflect the performance of listed commodity producers across three industry (or sub-industry) categories as defined by the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®): energy, metals and agriculture.

Each MSCI Commodity Producers Index is constructed from an MSCI "parent index", and includes companies engaged in these industry categories:

  • Integrated oil and gas, oil and gas production and exploration, coal and consumable fuels production and mining;
  • Aluminum production, steel production, diversified production/extraction of metals and minerals, gold production, other precious metals and minerals mining;
  • Agricultural production, production of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, paper manufacturing, manufacturing of timber and wood products.

MSCI offers the following variants of its Commodity Producers Indexes:

Using MSCI Commodity Producers Indexes

While commodities are widely recognized as potential portfolio diversifiers and inflation hedges, commodity producers-companies involved in the production of raw materials - represent an equity-based approach to investing in this asset class. All MSCI Commodity Producers Indexes may be used as benchmarks for tracking the performance characteristics of certain listed commodity producers or to construct index-linked investment vehicles such as listed and OTC derivatives, exchange traded products, and institutional and retail funds.

The MSCI ACWI Gold with EM DR 18% Group Entity Capped Index is a market capitalization weighted Index based on the MSCI ACWI Index. The Index aims to capture the performance of securities of companies primarily involved in the production of gold and related products, while ensuring investability. It includes companies that mine or process gold and the South African finance houses which primarily invest in, but do not operate, gold mines. Emerging Market companies in the index are represented by Depositary Receipts. Constituent weights are capped to limit index concentration. For more details, see the index methodology.