Introduction to Barra Equity Risk Models
Introducing the different types of Barra equity risk models, typical inputs and outputs, and latest innovations.

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Introduction to Barra Fixed Income Risk Models
Introducing the model structure of Barra fixed income risk models, Barra fixed income risk factors, and the MSCI fixed income performance attribution model.

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DataGotham 2012 - Deborah Berebichez, MSCI
Deborah Berebichez is the Vice President of Risk Analytics at MSCI. In addition to her work in risk analysis, Dr. Berebichez holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Stanford University. After completing her doctorate, she conducted further research at Columbia University's Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics department and New York University's Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences. She is an expert in wave propagation in inhomogeneous media as well as in optimization, and is an inventor of a new technique to localize wireless signals in specific locations in buildings. Apart from her work at MSCI, Dr. Berebichez continues to work on developing videos, articles and public communications programs that help to bring science to all.

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MSCI on CNBC's, Investment Edge: The Credit Crisis: What have we learnt?
Patrick Burke d'Orey, executive director, MSCI, says investment managers have learnt to put risk management at the core of what they do, rather than as a compliance requirement.

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Video Summaries

MSCI Client Summit, London and New York 2012
The MSCI Client Summits took place in London on May 30 and in New York on June 6, 2012. All who attended shared our enthusiasm about the variety and depth of topics. Watch the highlights.

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