Paving the Way to China

With over 240 China indexes, MSCI supports a variety of international and domestic investment approaches consistent with its global index framework.
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A Constellation of Indexes

The MSCI China Indexes reflect the diversity of the China equity opportunity set and the variety of investment approaches available to China for both international and domestic investors. All indexes are based on the same MSCI global index methodology, which applies to all MSCI equity indexes, facilitating consistent portfolio construction and analysis. Read more

The Index of Choice

A growing number of asset managers license MSCI indexes for China and China A ETFs.
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Key Domestic China indexes

Key Non-Domestic China indexes

Key Composite indexes

Expert Highlights

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Chin Ping Chia, Head of MSCI Index Research in Asia, discusses the opening of the China equity market and its potential implications for investors from an index perspective.

Global Knowledge | Local Expertise

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With over 200 clients across Greater China and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, MSCI has had a strong local presence in China for many years, backed by an international brand. Today our experts in research, product development, sales and client service provide local expertise while leveraging MSCI's global reach, resources and 24/5 support.

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Understand the investment implications of the potential opening up of the China A share market: recent developments, accessibility restrictions and access to EM status, implementation options for global investors.


China Portfolio Analytics

Barra Logo Barra, a global leader in portfolio management analytics, has developed the China Equity Model (CNE5). This model captures the new reality of the Chinese markets. Read more