Insights on MSCI ONE - Why

Why Insights on MSCI ONE?

Investors need timely access to the data driving investment decisions. With Insights on MSCI One, you gain intelligence to help you understand exposures, innovate rapidly and build more robust strategies with the goal of delivering better investment outcomes.

Insights on MSCI ONE - What

What is Insights on MSCI ONE?

Insights on MSCI ONE delivers cloud-based access to MSCI’s toolkit and data for intelligent, data-driven investment decision-making. The platform combines three powerful applications – Risk Insights, Climate Solutions, and Institutional Client-Designed Indexes with Index Insights – to help clients visualize exposures and explore opportunities and scenarios.

Insights on MSCI ONE - 3 boxes

  • Risk Insights

    Risk Insights unlocks the power of MSCI’s time series risk, factor risk, pricing models, performance attribution, return calculation engines, and market data by providing an integrated view of risk. It puts actionable information within easy reach of the entire organization, creating a culture of risk-aware communication, decision making and reporting with an aligned view of performance and risk firmwide.

  • Climate Solutions

    Climate Solutions harnesses the power of MSCI’s Climate Lab Enterprise, Climate Lab Company, and other offerings to deliver a robust toolkit of data, insights and reports. It helps asset owners, asset managers, banks and insurance companies efficiently manage their net-zero commitments across all portfolios and asset classes. The solution also introduces a new set of advanced reporting capabilities to help clients address growing climate and ESG regulatory requirements.

  • MSCI Institutional Client-Designed Indexes with Index Insights

    MSCI Institutional Client-Designed Indexes (PDF, 1.15 MB) (opens in a new tab) provide asset owners with a robust range of methodologies for designing indexes to meet their investment needs. The platform includes Index Insights dashboards to help monitor and evaluate the impact of the market or strategy changes on investment portfolios and benchmarks. It also offers Index Builder, a tool that helps clients design customized indexes.

Insights on MSCI ONE - Closing


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