MSCI ESG Universal Indexes

The new MSCI ESG Universal Indexes are a modern way of indexing, and are designed to address the needs of asset owners (who also classify themselves as universal owners), who may look to enhance their exposure to ESG while maintaining a broad and diversified universe to invest in. 

By re-weighting free-float market cap weights based upon certain ESG metrics tilting away from free-float market cap weights, the indexes enhance exposure to those companies that demonstrate both a higher MSCI ESG Rating and a positive ESG trend, while maintaining a broad and diversified investment universe.  

The MSCI ESG Universal Indexes exclude only companies found to be in violation of international norms (for example, facing very severe controversies related to human rights, labour rights or the environment) and companies involved in controversial weapons (landmines, cluster munitions, depleted uranium, and biological and chemical weapons).

The MSCI ESG Universal Index Family is the latest in a suite of MSCI Indexes and tools designed to help institutional investors globally integrate ESG into their investment decision-making processes. 

There are five indexes within this MSCI Universal ESG Index Family: 

MSCI ACWI ESG Universal Index Performance  |  Factsheet
MSCI World ESG Universal Index Performance  |  Factsheet 
MSCI EM ESG Universal Index Performance  |  Factsheet
MSCI Europe ESG Universal Index Performance  |  Factsheet
MSCI USA ESG Universal Index Performance  |  Factsheet 

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