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In the fast-paced world of asset management, data is your most valuable asset. As an asset manager, you’re tasked with the challenge of maximizing returns while adeptly managing risks. Here’s how analytics, sustainability, and climate data, along with indexes, can support you in this mission.


Tools & Insights

  • High-quality indexes and accurate data empower indexed strategies and products for asset managers, helping confidently steer outcomes aligned with investment goals such as diversification, differentiation, or decarbonization in an ever-changing world.

  • Analytics are the cornerstone of strategic decision-making. With cutting-edge predictive models and real-time market data, you can stay ahead of trends, manage investment risks, and identify opportunities.

  • Sustainability data goes beyond compliance—it’s a critical tool for risk management and identifying financial opportunities. It enables you to pinpoint companies poised for long-term success through sustainable practices.

  • Climate data provides a crucial perspective on how environmental changes impact markets. Utilizing this data helps you to prepare your investments for the future by understanding and mitigating climate-related risks.


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