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A secular shift in banking is fueling significant market opportunities arising from sustainable financing and the transition to systematic, index investing across an evolving global regulatory landscape. Banks, as key drivers of financial markets, have much to gain and lose from the climate transition underway. We design solutions with the aim to empower banks to sharpen their view of risk, stay ahead of regulatory reporting and disclosure, and scale up sustainable financing and capital market activities.

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How do I advise my clients on their net-zero alignment?

Learn how MSCI solutions can help you build resilience ahead of the climate transition and, by extension, the transition plans of your clients.

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How we support banks

  • Risk

    Manage climate and other risks

    • Measure and manage climate risk with a single platform using powerful analytics, forecasting and visualizations at the single asset or aggregated level with our Climate Lab Enterprise
    • Sharpen your view of market, credit, liquidity and counterparty risk across all major asset classes, spanning all time horizons
  • Regulatory Reporting

    Stay ahead of evolving regulation

    • Prepare for the latest regulations globally with tools designed to align with EBA ESG Pillar 3, SFDR, MiFID II and other frameworks
    • Gain insight into emerging climate policy to adjust lending and capital market practices
  • Commercial Lending

    Understand climate’s impact on loans

  • Corporate Advisory / Capital Markets

    Scale up sustainable financing

    • Advise clients seeking to make sustainability part of their long-term strategy. Guide them on ways to strengthen the value of their debt offering with Sustainability-Linked Financing
    • Acquire provisional ESG Ratings on behalf of private clients to support IPOs, private sales and other activities
  • Sales & Trading / Research

    Create structured products

    • Create investable products designed to address the changing needs of buyside clients including swap baskets, futures and other OTC derivatives
    • Generate investment ideas by combining our climate data and analytics with your bank’s proprietary data for unique quantitative and fundamental research

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  • Leverage the capital market ecosystem

    Our insights draw from our asset owner, asset manager, insurance, banking, brokerage and hedge fund clients around the globe.

  • Prepare your loan book for the future

    Our experts are continually innovating to capture the next evolution in quantitative finance, risk analysis, climate risk and regulatory oversight.

  • Get the big picture

    Our integrated toolkit provides a synergistic view across asset classes, products and markets, all supported by an AI and data-rich financial infrastructure.

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Solutions - Banks 2023

  • Index

    As one of the global leaders in indexes, MSCI helps you support asset owners and wealth managers who are increasing exposure to passive investing across asset classes.

  • Analytics

    Our Analytics team offers banks sophisticated risk analytics spanning short, medium and long-term time horizons, as well as reporting solutions customized to your bank’s needs.

  • ESG

    MSCI ESG Research measures and models sustainability factors to equip banks to identify and manage undervalued risks and opportunities.

  • Real Assets

    We provide research, tools and business intelligence to institutional investors and real estate owners, managers, brokers and occupiers worldwide on public and private real estate and infrastructure assets.

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