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Companies are under enormous pressure from investors, regulators and others to improve their performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics while reducing their carbon footprint. MSCI ESG Research provides data and insights to companies seeking to understand and manage their ESG and climate exposures and risks, meet the evolving needs of regulators and align with the expectations of investors and financial intermediaries.

With over 1,700 clients worldwide, MSCI ESG Research is the largest provider of ESG data and analytics. Public and private companies around the world turn to us for our market-leading ESG and climate tools and solutions. Additionally, MSCI Inc. is the world’s largest provider of ESG Indexes1 with over 1,500 equity and fixed income ESG Indexes designed to help investors more effectively benchmark ESG and Climate investment performance.2

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Analyze your sustainability strategy against peers

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Analyze your sustainability strategy against peers

MSCI provides you with instant access to your ESG and Climate data profile, so you know exactly where you are on your sustainability journey – and where your peers are, too.

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Companies: Measure, monitor and manage ESG and climate risk

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Corporates: Measure, monitor and manage ESG and climate risk

MSCI ESG Research takes the complexity out of quantifying ESG and climate risk with analytical tools, data and insights for measuring financially relevant risks, benchmarking performance and sharpening strategic decision-making. Our ESG and climate solutions can help your company:

Deepen understanding of your ESG and climate profile

Address the demands of an evolving regulatory landscape, identify risks that may be overlooked by conventional financial analysis and enable more-informed decisions. Gauge your company’s carbon intensity, map its climate trajectory and identify financially material ESG risks.

Know where you stand relative to peers

Benchmark ESG and climate performance against peers and clarify your company’s progress toward its goals based on the measures that matter for your industry.

Position for capital

Engage with the growing number of investors who are taking ESG and climate change into account. MSCI Research has found that historically companies with high ESG scores, on average, experience lower costs of capital compared with companies with poor ESG scores in both developed and emerging markets.3 Make the case for sustainability-linked financing, promote bond offerings and prepare for liquidity events such as an initial public offering.

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Our trusted ESG ratings and climate transparency tools developed by MSCI ESG Research cover more than 10,000 issuers worldwide. We offer companies in this universe complimentary access to their MSCI ESG Ratings report as well as the opportunity to participate in our company data review process.

Access ESG and Climate Ratings

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While we welcome issuer interest in MSCI ESG Research at any time, we strive to be fair and consistent in our communications with issuers. We provide tools that can provide insights to corporates, but do not offer advice to individual companies on how to improve ratings.

Advisers: Empower Clients with Insights and Experience


Advisors: Empower clients with insights and experience

We partner with investment banks, accountants, management consultants, law firms and others to enable them to better advise companies seeking to make sustainability part of their long-term business strategy. Our transparency tools and insights enable advisors to:

Offer quality advice that’s right for your clients

Understand the challenges and opportunities clients face, armed with robust ESG and climate data and insights. Use our metrics and tools to benchmark client performance and navigate a complex global reporting landscape.

Guide strategic decision-making

Help companies develop net-zero and sustainability strategies leveraging MSCI’s 50 years of experience and comprehensive solutions.

Develop sustainability-linked financing strategies

Guide clients to strengthen the value of their offerings for debt and equity investors.


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Tools and Insights for Companies and their Advisers intro

Tools and insights for companies and their advisors

MSCI can help you quantify the specific risks and opportunities posed by ESG and climate on the road to a more sustainable world.

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Featured Content - The Road to Science-Based Corporate Net-Zero Target Setting

Featured content

Benchmark your sustainability strategy against peers

MSCI Corporate Sustainability Insights gives executives at companies the ability to measure and compare their ESG and climate data versus peers, while also identifying potential disclosure gaps through intuitive charts, graphs, and maps.

MSCI ITR Case study - featured content

How MSCI climate tools can help drive corporate sustainability goals (Case Study)
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As a firm, we continually seek ways to maximize progress toward our sustainability goals. We relied on our climate data and forward-looking tools like Climate VaR and ITR to set a baseline and chart the steps to achieve our goals.

Featured Content

The Road to Science-Based Corporate Net-Zero Target Setting

The Road to Science-Based Corporate Net-Zero Target Setting

What challenges do companies face in setting science-based net-zero targets under the SBTi corporate net-zero standard? This information also could help institutional investors mitigate portfolio exposure to carbon risks.

Featured Content - Second-Party Opinions

Second-Party Opinions

Second-Party Opinions

Over the last few years, sustainable debt financing — previously a niche market — has experienced remarkable growth. Along the way, there also has been a rapid expansion in the objectives and definitions of sustainable financing instruments.


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1Source: MSCI Inc. as of March 2020

2MSCI ESG Ratings, research and data are produced by MSCI ESG Research LLC, a subsidiary of MSCI Inc. MSCI ESG Indexes, Analytics and Real Estate are products of MSCI Inc. that use information from MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI Indexes are administered by MSCI Limited (UK).

3ESG and the Cost of Capital