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Gain Insights into your ESG Credentials with Provisional ESG Ratings

For non-rated companies seeking to establish credibility and attract investors, obtaining an MSCI Provisional ESG Rating may be beneficial. MSCI offers companies the opportunity to acquire Provisional ESG Ratings for internal baselining, marketing purposes, or in support of corporate activity like IPOs, spin-offs, or private sales.

The rating serves as a preliminary assessment of a company's sustainability performance and practices, including how well it is prepared for the ESG risks and opportunities relevant to its industry. It is designed to help non-rated companies understand how they would be assessed by MSCI ESG Research and assigned an MSCI ESG Rating as part of our standard coverage universe.

Our Provisional ESG Ratings process is based on our standard ESG Ratings process. That means a provisional rating from MSCI can potentially serve as critical support for a pre-IPO, private sale, or for determining baseline ESG credentials for internal purposes.

Provisional - ESG Rating Private Company Assessment

  • Investment decision-making

    Investors, including asset managers, pension funds and individual investors, can use the ratings to assess the sustainability performance of companies they are considering investing in. The ratings can help identify companies with strong ESG practices as well as those with potential risks.

  • Risk management

    By evaluating a company's ESG performance, organizations may be able to proactively address potential risks, such as regulatory change, reputational damage and supply chain disruptions.

  • Benchmarking and comparison

    Companies can use the ratings to see how their sustainability performance compares to that of their peers. This benchmarking can help organizations identify areas for improvement, set targets, and develop strategies to enhance ESG performance.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    The ratings can help facilitate engagement with customers, employees, communities, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. Provisional ESG Ratings can help position your company as an attractive investment opportunity, aligning with investor expectations, while fortifying your company’s reputation.

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