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With volatile markets and the rise in geopolitical events, hedge funds are seizing the moment as they search for unique sources of alpha. Today’s turbulence means you need sound risk models and state-of-the-art pricing tools to detect the drivers of return in your portfolio.

Our broad-based risk frameworks, research-driven factor models and popular stress tests can help sharpen your competitive edge by properly assessing contributions to risk and performance, whether your fund strategy is long/short equity, quant, macro, fixed income or something else.

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MSCI’s toolkit for hedge funds

  • Manage risk exposures across asset classes

    • Optimize risk across multiple dimensions using our advanced risk pricing models for quicker, more informed decisions as you trade, set risk limits and report to investors
    • Conduct stress tests for user-defined market shocks and scenarios
    • Reinforce your risk management infrastructure with a complete system designed to handle all your trading and reporting needs

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  • Uncover unique trading opportunities

    • Identify new alpha signals built from alternative data such as economic and thematic exposure, real estate economic activity, ESG ratings and factor weights
    • Construct custom investment strategies using factor tilts, hedging, what if analysis and other approaches fueled by our research-driven models
    • Unveil price inefficiencies using our equity and fixed income indexes and data

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  • Integrate ESG and climate in your investment process

    • Strengthen your search for investment opportunities across a range of strategies with digestible, easy-to-use ESG and climate data
    • Gain an enhanced understanding of ESG and climate risk
    • Support regulatory and stakeholder reporting
    • Adhere to investor and portfolio restrictions with pre/post trade compliance lists

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