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Insurance - Intro

The insurance industry is at a pivotal point as it grapples with fulfilling its purpose in a complex, rapidly changing environment. The challenges are manifold. They include finding yield amid market volatility, rising inflation, tighter margins and intense competition. Uppermost in the minds of many is risk management and growing requirements to incorporate sustainability and climate change considerations into investment portfolios and liability modeling.

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Insurance - Our Solutions

Our solutions

Our tools can help you build portfolios in a challenging environment:

  • Take control of your insurance portfolios

    • Meet rapidly growing demands for ESG and climate tools
    • Model climate risk scenarios for risk management and solvency assessments
    • Explore Climate Value-at-Risk (Climate VaR) for real estate assets
    • Increase allocation to illiquid and private assets
    • Focus on risk and performance
  • Build scale and consistency

    • Gain the ability to identify potential losses due to event-related risks that might not be captured by standard Value-at-Risk analysis
    • Access an extensive library of historical and predictive stress tests to help with tactical and strategic asset allocation decision-making
    • Tap into the power of data and new technology to incorporate sustainability and climate change in portfolios and underwriting
    • Develop fresh insight on changing market conditions
    • Align with sustainability targets for a sustainable net-zero future
    • Source trusted data for multiple applications
  • Improve operational efficiency

    • Allow for more informed decisions
    • Increase data and analytics quality
    • Enable greater flexibility
    • Prepare for sustainable finance regulatory requirements


Climate solutions for insurers - Insurance Solutions

Insurance - Our Clients

Our clients

We serve all types of insurance companies across business units:

  • Life insurance
  • Property and casualty
  • Reinsurance
  • Health
  • Composite insurers
  • Underwriting

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Learn about our wide range of tools at your disposal.

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Insurance - Featured Content

Featured content

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