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Insurance companies face the urgent need to manage liquidity and higher rates in a complex and dynamic macro environment. They must address climate risk and invest sustainably without compromising financial objectives. And they must comply with an ever-expanding array of regulatory requirements. Are you on track to meet your goals?

We create solutions designed to meet insurers’ distinct challenges. We help you assess, manage and report on risk and opportunities across the globe with an eye to building long-term resilience in your business.

Solutions for insurers - Insurance 2024

Solutions for insurers

  • Manage risk

    Sharpen your view of risk across all major asset classes spanning all time horizons including credit, investment, market, liquidity, ESG and climate risk.

    Explore scenarios, assess potential impacts, and quantify risks with stress testing and scenario analyses.

    Learn about risk insights
  • Portfolio management

    Enable asset allocation, portfolio exposure and risk attribution analysis across the general account for growth and enhanced risk oversight.

    Optimize your portfolio across public and private assets, equity and fixed income, including real assets and real estate on one unified platform.

    Build portfolios for the long run
  • Tackle regulations

    Gather information to disclose on climate and other key aspects of Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), Solvency 2 and TCFD reporting.

    Stay ahead of emerging standards and reporting in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

    Explore regulatory solutions
  • Act on climate goals

    Develop a climate strategy for the general account and unit-linked propositions leveraging fixed income and equity solutions.

    Manage exposure with our innovative Total Portfolio Footprinting, Climate Value-at-Risk model, Implied Temperature Rise and financed emissions metrics.

    Create climate solutions

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Featured content

Advanced credit risk analytics for better decisions

Quantify your portfolio credit risk by capturing market exposure, rating changes and default risk within Value-at-Risk (VaR) and expected shortfall simulations.


The Climbing Costs to Insure US Commercial Real Estate

Insurance costs for US real estate have doubled in five years, with climate change potentially driving even further increases. Learn why Florida and California face the highest costs.


Climate solutions for insurance companies

Learn how to assess the carbon risk of your portfolio to set a baseline for future action.


Why MSCI - Insurance


  • Collaborate and thrive

    Tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs, challenges and goals working closely with our team of experts.

  • Understand the big picture

    Gain a unified view across asset classes, products and markets with our integrated solutions supported by an AI and data-rich financial infrastructure.

  • Leverage the financial ecosystem

    Draw from insights gleaned from our asset owner, asset manager, insurance, banking, brokerage and hedge fund clients around the globe.

  • Prepare for the future

    Capitalize on innovations from our experts working to capture the next evolution in quantitative finance, risk analysis, climate risk and regulatory oversight.

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