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MSCI’s Analytics products offer institutional investors an integrated view of risk and return. Our research-enhanced content and tools help institutional investors make better investment decisions, enhancing their understanding and analysis of market, credit, liquidity and counterparty risk across all major asset classes, spanning short, medium and long-term time horizons.

MSCI’s industry-leading analytics include: Barra multi-factor models; pricing models; methodologies for performance attribution; RiskMetrics models for statistical analysis, such as VaR; and tools for security analysis, portfolio optimization, back testing and stress testing.

Our flexible technology is built for scale, enabling clients to conduct complex simulations and stress tests.

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Introducing MSCI Climate Lab Enterprise

MSCI Climate Lab Enterprise provides easy visualization of aggregated data across portfolios, quick identification of key investment strategies positively or negatively contributing to your goals, and on-the-fly trend analysis to track your success at multiple levels in your portfolio hierarchy. The solution allows you to better manage your alignment to net-zero and prepare for the changing investment environment.

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