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Risk management is evolving

Risk management teams are transforming from primarily a control-oriented function to providing risk advisory services to their investment teams. This is achieved by integrating risk analytics into investment decisions. It’s a shift that requires risk teams to not just report on risk, but also to manage it through close collaboration with investment teams.

MSCI supports this evolution with solutions that help you scale your risk infrastructure. Our risk solutions aim to provide a more holistic view of risk and deliver insights faster through automation to enable risk teams to add value to the portfolio management process.

Key benefits - Risk Management

Key benefits

Power resilient portfolios to drive your competitive advantage.

Evolve the role of risk

  • Focus on providing answers and advice to investment teams to support the construction of more resilient portfolios.
  • Move beyond control and compliance use cases to create new synergies as the lines between front and middle office blur.
  • Find new opportunities to deliver value to portfolio managers and become more active collaborators in investment decisions.

Establish a modern risk infrastructure

  • Deliver enterprise-wide risk monitoring and enhanced insights.
  • Increase security, speed and scale with your data hosted within MSCI's secure data environment and on third-party cloud-based data warehouses.
  • Leverage interactive dashboards and engaging content with multiple views of risk and performance fuelled by new GenAI capabilities for your equity portfolios.

Enable a multi-dimensional and multi-horizon view

  • Build a more holistic view of risk to help stakeholders see relevant metrics in different ways and time frames.
  • Look beyond traditional asset-focused stress tests with macroeconomic top-down scenarios.
  • Input various returns for capital market assumptions and asset allocations.

Enhance Investment Decision Processes

  • Rapidly assess potential portfolio scenarios in dynamic markets.
  • Seek to identify unintended bets and make more informed investment decisions.
  • Create a culture of risk management by elevating the essential voice created by a shared view of risk.

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Transform your risk processes with innovations in risk analytics

Watch MSCI’s latest solutions in action. See how AI insights, analysis of macro scenarios and a more complete view of risk can elevate your risk processes.

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