TCFD What is

What is the TCFD?

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) established a widely accepted framework to disclose climate-related risks, focusing on governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. National regulators have begun mandating TCFD-aligned rules, which have already been adopted by a growing number of organizations worldwide.

MSCI ESG Research data and metrics can be used at the portfolio, sector and security level to support reporting on TCFD recommendations in these areas: carbon footprinting across asset classes, assessments of climate-related financial risks, portfolio-level temperature alignment metrics and other climate- and carbon-related data.

For more on how MSCI data can be used to support TCFD reporting, view our guide for institutional investors:

TCFD-Aligned Climate Risk Reporting
(PDF, 2.16 MB) (opens in a new tab)

For more information related to the TCFD aligned framework of the UK FCA Climate–Related Disclosure Requirements, you can read our overview for investors here.

Benefits of better disclosure

  • Risk assessment — Evaluate climate-related risks to your company, suppliers and competitors.
  • Capital allocation — Drive better informed decisions on where and when to allocate your capital.
  • Strategic planning — Understand exposures over the short-, medium- and long-term.

TCFD Checklist

Your TCFD checklist:

  • Calculate carbon footprint of your portfolio

  • Assess climate-related risks with scenario analysis

  • Understand implications of climate target analysis

  • Report on portfolio temperature alignment

  • Provide other climate metric details


How can we help you align with the TCFD recommendations?

We help institutional investors meet the highest standards of global financial disclosure.

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<br />TFCD climate risk reporting

Climate risk reporting

Take advantage of MSCI ESG Research’s sophisticated climate risk analytics on securities across asset classes and streamline climate risk management processes within existing workflows using high volume climate reporting. Our MSCI Climate Risk & TCFD Report is designed to assess climate related risks and opportunities and to align with the recommendations of the TCFD. Available as a managed service with batch reporting and customization capabilities.

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TCFD Featured content

Featured content

MSCI 2022 TCFD Report
(PDF, 10.6 MB) (opens in a new tab)

See how we are integrating the latest climate-related risks and opportunities into our business strategy.

As TCFD Comes of Age, Regulators Take a Varied Approach

Learn how financial regulators in at least 10 major economies are introducing TCFD-aligned disclosure rules.

On-demand event: MSCI In Practice: TCFD Reporting — Implementing the Recommendations

In this webinar we walk you through the impending integration of the TCFD framework into the regulatory landscape and provide guidance on how to leverage MSCI’s climate data and reporting solutions to practically deliver on the recommendations.


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