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Meet the reporting needs of your total portfolio

ESG and climate reporting requirements have expanded and are evolving globally at an unprecedented rate. Our solutions are designed to help you meet these demands quickly and thoroughly — across the total portfolio. At MSCI, we aim to support your unique reporting needs through a scalable reporting framework, giving you a clear vision of the risks and opportunities ahead.

We aim to bring clarity to your sustainability reporting

  • Seamlessly bring transparency with our integrated ESG and climate tools, data insights and reports

  • Manage evolving regulatory requirements and address growing reporting needs

  • Customize, scale and build reports that meet your specific needs

  • Save time and resources to help create operational efficiency

Reports - ESG and Climate Reporting Services

Leverage our extensive library of standard and regulatory reports

Easily compile portfolio and enterprise reports designed to align with regulations and best practices using our continuously expanding catalogue of reports developed by MSCI ESG and Climate Research experts.

Climate & ESG Standard Reports

  • Climate Risk Report

    Designed to facilitate TCFD-aligned reporting, with MSCI climate data including Implied Temperature Rise (ITR).

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator

    Designed to feature financed carbon emissions and financed carbon intensity broken down by scope and asset type.

  • Total Portfolio Footprinting

    Designed for investors to understand and baseline financed carbon emissions associated with their portfolios integrating the PCAF framework.

  • ESG Summary

    Designed to assess ESG integration in a simple and intuitive way, featuring key portfolio-level ESG signals.

  • ESG Extended Summary

    An expanded version of the ESG Summary that goes deeper on sustainable impact, ESG risk and values alignment.

  • Financed Emissions Attribution Report

    Designed to demonstrate to what extent changes in a portfolio's carbon footprint are due to companies' real world decarbonization efforts, a portfolio manager's investment decisions, or changes in companies' financing.

  • Climate Scenario Analysis Report

    A short version of the MSCI Climate Risk Report focused on the main pillars of the Climate Value at Risk metrics.

  • Portfolio Temperature Alignment Report

    A short version of the MSCI Climate Risk Report focused on the Implied Temperature Rise metrics designed to assess how public companies align with global temperature goals.

EU Sustainable Finance and Climate Regulatory Reports

  • EU Taxonomy

    Designed to help fulfill regulatory reporting requirements as well as EU taxonomy supplemental templates.

  • SFDR PASI Statement

    A report on Principal Adverse Sustainability Impact (PASI) designed to align with SFDR.

  • SFDR Point-in-Time PASI Statement

    Designed to assist financial market participants to make entity-level disclosures on their Principal Adverse Indicators.

  • SFDR Product Disclosures

    Designed to complete SFDR pre-contractual and periodic templates with key fund-level sustainability metrics including exposure to “sustainable investment” and taxonomy-aligned metrics.

  • Swiss Climate Score Report

    Designed to report on a set of “current state” and forward-looking climate-related indicators at the portfolio level.

  • FCA TCFD Aligned Product Report

    Designed to provide institutional investors with disclosures aligned with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority product-level reporting guidance. The contents of this report can be used for disclosure and reporting purposes and are aligned with the TCFD.

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Key features - ESG and Climate Reporting Services

Addressing the Regulatory and Reporting Landscape

  • Regulatory knowledge

    Our participation in global commissions and working groups as well as the ongoing monitoring of global regulations by dedicated experts provide us with deep insights into evolving regulations.

  • Multi-asset class coverage

    Access our broad data coverage across public and private asset classes for a more complete representation of your funds and portfolios.

  • Transparency

    Drill down into the position and underlying data with our diagnostic reports.

  • Portfolio and fund data management

    Batch load portfolios on your own or use our secure Data Management Services to source portfolios and funds from custodians, administrators, third party fund providers, or your internal sources.

  • Customization

    Delivered through multiple channels, our reporting services cover diverse requirements, ranging from standard templates and formats to customizable solutions specific to your business needs.

Key benefits - ESG and Climate Reporting Services

Streamlined delivery on MSCI ONE

Reports are accessible on MSCI ONE, our cloud-based platform that provides access to content across MSCI’s products and solutions. Here you can leverage advanced reporting capabilities through a modern, web-based experience that combines flexible distribution, cloud delivery, dashboards, and visualizations. Search, view and download report content from a single, unified view.

Through MSCI ONE, institutional investors receive reporting across the total portfolio, along with dashboards for external monitoring and internal communication, programmatic access to results for integration into internal or vendor systems and seamless integration of client portfolios into reports.

Our reports are designed to be compatible and align with widely adopted sustainability rules and frameworks including:

  • Regulations

    • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
    • EU taxonomy
    • MiFID II European Banking Authority (EBA) Pillar 3
    • International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)
    • European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)
    • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules
  • Disclosure and accounting frameworks

    • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
    • Global Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)
    • Greenhouse Gas Protocol
    • Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF)
    • Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS)

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