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Supporting Our Clients to Align and Comply

New ESG rules are on the horizon as the European Union aims to steer capital flows toward sustainable growth.1 The EU’s plan, which includes the new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), requires certain financial market players serving EU investors to consider ESG risks and make ESG disclosures at the organization and financial product level. Large financial firms with over 500 employees who do business in the EU must start calculating metrics for the reference period January 2022 to December 2022, with the first regulatory report due by June 2023. The data and information requirements to comply with the new regulations may be significant. Institutional investors must report on all their portfolios and the holdings within those portfolios across multiple asset classes annually.

MSCI offers a sophisticated suite of data sets, indexes, reporting tools and portfolio analytics to support clients seeking to meet regulatory deadlines, integrate ESG factors across the investment process and report on progress along the way. We provide metrics and tools at the issuer and index level as well as through our risk analytics platform.

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EU Sustainable Finance Solutions

A holistic toolkit to help clients prepare for new ESG regulations

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Issuer-Level Data


Issuer-Level Data (PDF)

SFDR Adverse Impact and Taxonomy Alignment data and metrics for over 10,000 corporate equity and fixed income issuers and 175 sovereign issuers or countries (relevant to SFDR only), covering over 90% of the global opportunity set


Download SFDR and Taxonomy Metrics

Index-Level Metrics


Index-Level Metrics (PDF)

Index-level SFDR metrics based on issuer data for 6,000+ equity and fixed income indexes to help clients compare and report adverse impact indicators of their financial products with those of MSCI indexes

Download Illustrative Index Metrics
Download Methodology

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Fund-Level Metrics

Fund-Level Metrics


Fund-Level Metrics (PDF)

MSCI ESG Fund Ratings, SFDR Adverse Impact metrics and Taxonomy Alignment for 53,000 multi-asset class Mutual Funds and ETFs globally plus (coming soon) how funds classify themselves as Article 6, 8 or 9 per SFDR

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Risk Analytics & Regulatory Reporting Tools

Risk Analytics & Regulatory Reporting Tools


Risk Analytics & Regulatory Reporting Tools

  • ESG and SFDR data and metrics added to MSCI’s analytics platforms to support multi-asset reporting, portfolio construction and risk management.
  • New MSCI SFDR Reporting Solutions available for complex and customized reporting needs
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Nested Applications

Real Estate Climate Solutions

Principle Adverse Sustainability Impacts Solution


Real Estate Climate Solutions

  • Helping to meet the requirement on sustainability risk disclosures using a scalable and robust reporting framework.
  • We have a Principle Adverse Sustainability Impacts Statement for real estate assets, plus wider support for Article 8 & 9 (ESG Impacts) and Articles 3 & 6 (ESG Risks) reporting.
  • Learn more about the SFDR requirements for Real Estate Investors Download PDF.

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In our climate newsletter series, we will share our latest climate-related research, materials, events and practical, action steps to prepare for COP26 and beyond.






A holistic multi-asset solution

We offer one of the most comprehensive solutions with data, indexes and portfolio analytics across asset classes to help clients meet their sustainability targets


Insight into evolving regulations

Our participation in commissions and working groups in the EU and monitoring around the globe provide us with deep insights into the latest regulatory environment


Quality ESG research and data

Our ESG indexes, ratings and data are powered by in-depth research produced by over 350 ESG analysts worldwide2


Robust reporting operations

Clients leverage us so they can produce regulatory and investor reports across thousands of portfolios


Committed to helping build better portfolios

Our platforms help clients seeking to design strategies in line with sustainability goals, implement strong risk management processes and regularly monitor for issues


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1 European Supervisory Authorities’ final report on the draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) and

2Source: MSCI ESG Research as of March 2021. Includes full time employees, employees of foreign affiliates providing investment advisory services to MSCI ESG Research LLC, and global allocated staff performing non-investment advisory tasks.