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What is Client-Designed Indexes?

MSCI has an extensive product range to help address investors’ needs. Additionally, we are well-positioned to support the increasingly complex needs of our clients with tailored solutions.

With the MSCI Client-Designed Indexes, investors can tap into the full scope of our experienced indexing capabilities and extensive data, designed to meet our clients’ unique index requirements.

Leveraging on 50+ years of leadership in index design, the MSCI Client-Designed Indexes apply the same index construction, maintenance, data reliability, global service and support that investors have come to expect from our core index offerings.

Client-Designed Indexes Intro

Key benefits

  • Broad Coverage

    Customize any MSCI index, such as Market Cap, Thematic, ESG and Climate, to reflect specific benchmark or portfolio requirements.

  • Data Reliability

    Well-established, reliable index production process -same as used for calculating all MSCI indexes.

  • Rigorous Methodology

    Investable, transparent and replicable indexes designed with the same rigorous calculation and maintenance methodology as applied to the MSCI Indexes.

  • Global Support

    Cross-functional custom indexes team of experts in research, Index Production, IT and Product Management.

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Client-Designed Indexes Benefits

How we construct our Client-Designed Indexes

MSCI Indexes can be customized across many dimensions

  • Select universe

    • Country (70+), Region
    • Sectors (GICS*)
    • Stock Exchange
    • Size
    • Security Type
    • SRI/ESG
    • Fundamental & Valuation Rations
    • Liquify Filters
    • Sharia
  • Apply weighting

    • Market Cap
    • Fundamental (value)
    • Risk
    • Equal
    • Fixed
    • Capped
    • GDP
    • Special
    • Sector / Geographic Neutral
    • Custom Risk Control
    • Combination of Indexes, or Indexes wit Cash
  • Define currency & tax rates

    • Currency
    • Hedge
    • Daily, Monthly Hedging
    • Full or Partial Hedging
    • Cross Hedging
    • Withholding Tax Rate
    • Price, Total, Net, Returns
  • Choose delivery and file format

    • Standardize Integrated Client File Format (ICF)
    • Text, XML
    • Direct
    • Vendor
    • Real-time
    • End-of-day
  • Custom Index

MSCI Client-Designed Indexes Methodology

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Index Methodology

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MSCI Client-Designed Indexes use cases

Use cases

Avoid benchmark misfit by using an index that more accurately reflects the investment strategy or constraints.

Carry out performance analysis and attribution for institutional currency overlay mandates.

Outsource the calculation of specialized in-house indexes, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Comply with regulatory guidelines through the application of certain capping criteria.

Construct and issue index-linked products to meet specific investment themes.

Apply investability and liquidity criteria.

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