Index Licensing for Derivatives


Listed Futures and Options

A wide variety of financial products are based on or use MSCI indexes, including ETFs, mutual funds, insurance products, structured products, over-the-counter derivatives and listed futures and options.

To demonstrate the quality, widespread use and adoption of MSCI indexes, this document contains a broad list of listed futures and options based on MSCI indexes compiled from public sources. 

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Nested Applications

The exchanges

The Exchanges

MSCI based futures and options are currently listed on the following exchanges:

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Nested Applications

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Inter-dealer Brokers


MSCI-licensed Inter-dealer Brokers

MSCI offers licensing agreements for firms within a client segment commonly known as inter-dealer brokers (IDBs). IDBs act as liquidity aggregators and arrange trades between liquidity providers, typically on an agency basis.

MSCI-licensed IDBs play a critical role in sourcing liquidity of Listed and OTC MSCI-linked derivatives and support the ecosystem of MSCI Indexes as a whole. The following inter-dealer brokers have been licensed to arrange, advise on, and/or execute trades of MSCI index-linked derivatives that reference the closing level of a MSCI Index:

Structured Products Section


Structured Products

With more than 40 years of benchmarking leadership, we have accumulated exceptional expertise in designing and calculating both traditional Market Cap Weighted and alternatively-weighted equity indexes. Investors with unique index requirements can tap into the full scope of our experienced indexing capabilities and extensive data through our Custom Indexes.

Our Indexes can be licensed as underlying of Structured Products ranging from market-cap indexes through Factor Indexes, including diversified and adaptive multi-factor Indexes, a very broad set of ESG Indexes, innovative Thematic Indexes and Fixed Income Indexes.

Indexes can be customized across many dimensions for efficient structured products use:

Select Universe

Define Basic

Define Topic
Advanced Overlay
Country Currency ESG (including SDGs) Optimization (e.g. volatility, dividends)
Region Liquidity Factors Exposure
Sector ESG Overlay Climate Change Risk Control
ESG Weighting Scheme Economic Exposure Decrement
Factors Number of Constituents Fundamental Exposure  
Thematic Concentration Fixed Income  
  Rebalance Frequency    


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