Principles behind MSCI’s Index Pricing


  • MSCI seeks to provide the global investment community with critical decision support tools and services.
    • MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return and confidently build more effective portfolios.

  • MSCI provides all clients pricing schedules reflecting the content/service(s) licensed.

  • MSCI´s approach is to determine pricing on a fair and non-discriminatory basis, reflecting the applicable uses cases.

  • MSCI pricing is mainly driven by the content and/or service provided;
    • Pricing drivers may include but are not limited to the product’s security universe; data type/coverage; delivery frequency; distribution channel(s); as well as other factors, such as the costs associated with developing, maintaining and/or enhancing the product/service.

  • MSCI’s pricing does not depend on the constituents of its indexes nor on the performance of its indexes.


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