Low carbon SRI leaders indexes - intro

Addressing corporate ESG considerations and the risks of not transitioning to low-carbon portfolio exposure has become increasingly important for many global investors. At the same time, an increasing number of European regulators are requiring institutional investors to consider ESG and carbon risks that may be financially relevant to their investment processes.

Investors who continue to ignore these factors could find themselves unprepared for the possible resulting changes.

The demand for tools that can help investment institutions manage inherent risks associated with ESG and climate considerations through index adoption has never been greater in their pursuit of long-term, sustainable and inclusive investment performance.

The MSCI Low Carbon SRI Leaders Indexes1 can be used by institutional investors seeking exposure to companies with a strong sustainability profile.

The indexes integrate ESG considerations and are intended to help identify potential risks associated with the transition to a low carbon economy.2

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1The MSCI Europe Low Carbon SRI Leaders Index was launched on Feb 27, 2018. Data prior to the launch date is back-tested data (i.e. calculations of how the index might have performed over that time period had the index existed). There are frequently material differences between back-tested performance and actual results. Past performance -- whether actual or back-tested -- is no indication or guarantee of future performance.

2MSCI ESG Ratings and data produced by MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI ESG Indexes and Analytics utilize information from, but are not provided by, MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI Indexes and Analytics are products of MSCI Inc. MSCI Indexes are administered by MSCI Limited (UK).

3This webpage is only a summary of the MSCI Low Carbon SRI Leaders Indexes Methodology. For more detailed information please refer to the complete methodology at msci.com/index-methodology.

*Controversy score for UK is 1