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MSCI voluntarily adheres to the International Organization of Securities Commissions Principles for Financial Benchmarks (“IOSCO Principles” or “Principles”). First published in July 2013, the IOSCO Principles’ objective is to create an overarching framework of principles for benchmarks used in financial markets.

MSCI has a long history of defining and applying sound practices in its index product lines. We believe there are many dimensions to having an effective and transparent high-quality index capability, including strong governance and controls over methodologies and processes. These ideas have been part of MSCI’s culture and operating framework for many decades.

In 2014, MSCI began to publish statements of adherence to the IOSCO Principles across its indexes. In 2018, MSCI became a registered benchmark administrator under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR), which in turn is based on the IOSCO Principles. We have integrated our approach to adhere with the IOSCO Principles into its framework for complying with the BMR.

Clients of MSCI may request further detail regarding MSCI’s adherence to the IOSCO Principles here.

Data Submitters to MSCI Private Real Estate Indexes

We ask data submitters to adhere to MSCI’s Real Estate Data Provider Code of Conduct so that the submission processes for data included in the MSCI Private Real Estate indexes and benchmarks are in line with the IOSCO Principles and best practices.

The “Data Submitter Code of Conduct – IPD Indexes and Benchmarks” was updated and renamed “MSCI Real Estate Data Provider Code of Conduct” on November 26, 2018.

For further information, please read the document below: